Project with Juniorensemblet at Barratt Due!

This autumn we have some really exciting projects going on! One of them is a collaboration with Juniorensemblet at Barratt Due musikkinstitutt. They are an orchestra consisting of around 40 young string players, all of them truly dedicated to playing music. They are really curious and listening human beings and have a fantasy we admire! ✨🔥✨

We’re lucky to have three weekends with them and it all ends in a concert 5th of December. We will work with improvising, composing and guiding them to find their own creative voice. They made some amazing music the first weekend, so we are really looking forward to the rest of the project! 😍

Thank you so much to Kulturrådet for supporting this project. And thanks to the always inspiring Sigyn Fossnes for taking the initiative!