After playing together for more than a decade, describing Vilde&Inga’s music as “free improvised” might be an oversimplification. Ornette Coleman said “what’s exciting is the memory you bring to the present”. This is central to how Vilde&Inga’s music is created: Always free from any pre-planned structures, yet with a dense memory-texture of shared musical explorations and moments shaping the sounding present.

By exploring nontraditional approaches to the violin and double bass, the duo has greatly expanded their timbre palette. The wide horizons of color allow the music to develop slowly and organically. Some people hear birds, and some squeaking and brushing — others enter a ruin of classical music where they encounter a forest elf playing blues.

Vilde Sandve Alnæs and Inga Margrete Aas met during studies in Oslo in 2010. Since then they have toured regularly in Norway and internationally. In 2020 the double album How Forests Think was released on SOFA. The album was made in collaboration with the French sound technician and artist Benjamin Maumus and consists of improvisations and compositions recorded in four very different locations, both outside and inside, in the Oslo area. Their first album, Makrofauna, was released on ECM in 2014, and Silfr on the Norwegian label SOFA in 2017.